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Upholstery Yardage Chart

You want to be sure to order enough upholstery fabric ... but not too much - we recognize that and offer these charts to help you get the right yardage. Each of our fabrics is 54 inches wide and sold by the yard (in 1/4 yard increments after the first yard).

This chart is meant to help you calculate the amount of upholstery fabric you may need for your project by showing images of different pieces of furniture and displaying the number of yards of fabric typically needed to reupholster such a piece. This yardage calculator is just meant to be used as a general guide since your furniture needing to be upholstered will be unique and most likely not match exactly what is shown on the chart. Please try to select the general shape that matches the most closely and add yards as needed.

Recommendations for using this Yardage Calculator

If you are purchasing a fabric without a pattern, always order slightly more than you think you may need as we cannot guarantee the dye-lot of a future purchase. This chart assumes a plain fabric where a pattern does not need to be matched. For patterns that you wish to match, we recommend adding an additional 15% to each pattern ordered. You may find this article on measuring fabric useful as well.

How to convert yards to leather hides?

Leather Sizing Guide

Thinking about upholstering your furniture with beautiful genuine leather hides? We prepared this conversion guide to help you select the right amount. First, look up your furniture and the yardage recommendations from this tool. Second, use our Leather Sizing Guide for the conversion. If you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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