Curtain Fabrics | Multipurpose Materials, Colors & Patterns

Curtain Fabrics | Multipurpose Materials, Colors & Patterns

Curtain Fabric and Sheers

Walking into a curtain fabric store is like becoming Alice and falling down the rabbit hole. There are so many different colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, not to mention different fabrics and how this changes the way a curtain will drape.

When you are looking for the best in curtain fabric choices, Kovi Fabrics has the widest range imaginable. There is nothing better than the huge range of colors, patterns, and fabric choices to help you find the ideal curtain fabric for your new curtaining project.

Choosing your own fabric for your home or office curtains not only gives you the best possible selection, but it also allows you to come up with unique and exciting design choices that ready-made curtains simply can't beat. It's time to measure, choose, and order your curtain fabrics today.

Why Is the Right Curtain Fabric Important?

With so many curtain fabrics available, it is important to choose the right fabric for your unique project requirements. Far more than just the color or design, consider the actual curtain fabric and how it will drape, wear, and wash.

No two types of curtain fabric will ever drape the same, and where one type of curtain fabric such as a sheer fabric will be ideal for your dining room, that same sheer fabric may be a disaster in your bedroom.

This is where ordering samples from Kovi Fabrics is an ideal way to "test" the fabric out in your home before you run the expense of ordering the wrong type of curtain fabric. Kovi samples are ideal in that the cost can be discounted against your purchase when you are ready to order your curtain fabric choice.

Different Materials for Curtain Fabric

Kovi Fabrics has a huge range of curtain fabrics available, and best of all, these are all sold at mill prices! With this huge saving, you can really afford to splurge a little and not skimp on the yards you need to create that perfect look. Consider these great curtain fabric materials from Kovi Fabrics:

Chiffon fabric can create a fairy feel for your little girl's room or airy drapery for that ladies' office when draped as a sheer curtain.

Or create a warm entertainment cave with blackout fabric to make the perfect blackout shades in the den or TV room. Blackout curtain fabric also makes for the best drapery for a bedroom where being able to snooze during the daytime is an asset and where privacy is at a premium.

You could even consider lining your existing curtains with blackout curtain lining fabric if you are on a budget. This will give you a fuller drape and excellent thermal control.

Kitchen curtain fabric will have different requirements, such as being more durable and washable as you may want to wash your kitchen drapes and blinds more frequently.

Children's rooms may require something that is more hypoallergenic such as linen curtain fabric that is naturally allergen-resistant.

Even the choice in curtain lining fabric need not be a boring standard of white or cream sunscreen. Opt for different colors to create a dual-sided curtain. Using emerald curtain fabric on the back of a great rustic chevron fabric can create a luxurious farmhouse look in the guest bedroom or study.

Other great choices in curtain fabric from Kovi Fabrics include chenille, cotton, silk, faux silk, and velvet to name a few. If you are brave, you can even try out some alternative curtain options such as microfiber, suede, and synthetic leather for a structured window treatment.

What Else You Need for Your New Curtains

When you are buying all the materials you need to sew your own curtains, you will find the whole selection at Kovi Fabrics. You can order matching cotton, curtain weights, curtain lining, and different mounting tapes to help create the curtain of your dreams.

With Kovi Fabrics, you really can go for the look you want, become as creative as you like, and if in doubt, you can always contact one of the knowledgeable Kovi consultants for some more information and ideas. If you're not into sewing, you can rely on Kovi Fabrics to recommend a sewing company that can create the curtains of your dreams too.

Curtain Fabric Styles That We Love

Window sheers, window valances, sashes, and tie-backs are always popular in the curtain world. We love all curtain styles, but the Kovi consultants are always up to date on the latest trends and ideas, and you can always reach out for some help in making your selection. What's more, Kovi consultants can tell you exactly what type of fabric is best suited for a particular curtain style.

When working with Kovi Fabrics' consultants, you will easily be able to use our curtain fabric calculator, ensuring you never have wastage or shortage when you order to make the ideal curtains for your home.


Kovi Fabrics is your one-stop upholstery and curtain fabric giant, and you can find any fabric you want in the huge collection. The professional staff will help you create the curtains of your dreams or match to existing fabric to design a home that is in line with your aesthetics. So when it comes to curtain calls, it's time for Kovi Fabrics.