The soft, luxurious fabric called Ultrasuede offers a vegan way to experience the feel, texture, and durability of suede leather. This colorfast fabric provides an ideal upholstery for sofas, lounge chairs, wingback chairs, ottomans, and dining chairs due to its fade resistance and long-lasting beauty. Fabrics Made Using Sustainable Methods. Ultrasuede is produced using sustainable methods. The product features natural and recycled materials to give you that eco-friendly option with a luxurious look and feel.

Fade-proof Fabrics for Furnishings

Ultrasuede colorfast feature makes it ideal for decorating a sunroom or atrium. This fade-resistant fabric lasts long, so you don’t need to recover your furniture constantly.

Ultrasuede offers an intelligent solution for hotels, resorts, and motels needing redecorating because this durable fabric looks opulent but wears well. It provides an elegant yet cost-effective upholstery option for lobbies and waiting areas in commercial office buildings.

Stays Cool to the Touch

Whether used in residential or commercial settings, Ultrasuede makes terrific upholstery because it easily retains its surface temperature when exposed to sunlight. Ultrasuede is also ideal for your vehicle interior, especially for car seat covers.

Wide Range of Colors

This leather alternative offers the feel and look of real suede with a wide range of colors. This makes Ultrasuede fabrics ideal solutions for interior decorating. You can find just the right color to use on a sofa for your living room or waiting room office chairs. These fun fashion colors include bright pastels like Orchid, Winen’N Roses, True Blue, and Real Teal. If you’re looking for a more subtle palette, choose Ultrasuede fabrics in toney tan, cream, khaki, chocolate brown, or mocha.

Quick Cleaning Fabrics

Although it has inherent stain resistance, cleaning Ultrasuede fabric helps restore its fresh look. Quickly cleanup before guests come over by running a lint brush over the material. This restores its luster and removes surface dirt and lint.

Easy Cleanability

If a spill does occur on a piece of furniture covered in Ultrasuede, you only need to pat the spill with a paper towel. If something like coffee grounds gets into the fabric, brush the area lightly with a fabric brush, then vacuum it.

You can also vacuum the fabric or clean it with a well-wrung sponge or damp cloth. Avoid using a soaked cloth. Brush the fabric again after it dries.

Machine-Washable Fabrics

Ultrasuede fabric is machine-washable, making it ideal for drapes and furniture upholstery. Spring cleaning becomes a breeze since you can easily take the curtains or drapes down and wash them, then re-hang them.

Why Buy from KOVI Fabrics?

At KOVI Fabrics, we offer only top-quality fashion fabrics and sell by the yard with 0.25-yard increments so that you can get just the right amount. We cut your order from a brand-new bolt and back it with our lifetime warranty. Our Ultrasuede selection qualifies for a volume discount for orders of more than 10 yards. Contact us when you need to complete a large project and find out how we can save you money while helping you style your home or office building.

KOVI Design Services

KOVI offers design services to the public. Whether you need slipcovers or vehicle or furniture upholstery, ask us for a consultation. We can help you come up with fresh ideas or handle the project for you. KOVI even recovers and creates custom furniture so you can obtain just the right piece for your home. Contact KOVI Fabrics for the durable, comfortable Ultrasuede fabric that stands the test of time, plus the custom upholstery, furniture, slipcovers, and design services you need.

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